A Unique Alternative to Dues


Temple Israel has created a voluntary dues structure called our "Annual Commitment." The Annual Commitment allows each member to select an annual dues figure that they are comfortable paying, without Temple Israel asking for the justification behind the amount. Temple Israel developed this new system to ensure that dues were not a barrier to anyone who would like to be a member of our synagogue. Our financial model enables more people to affiliate with our community, and invites all members to decide at what level they are able to invest in Temple Israel. As such, Temple Israel’s Annual Commitment works as follows:

Based on the actual annual costs of operating Temple Israel and on the projected number of members, we have a Sustaining Level. If each household were to pay at the Sustaining Level, the synagogue would meet its budgetary obligations. For 2017-18, that figure starts at $3200 for 2-adult households and $2,175 for 1-adult households.

For some, the Sustaining Level might be beyond their means and they may select a lower Annual Commitment for the year. For others, it may be a starting point, and they may elect a higher commitment for the year. That's the beauty of the voluntary commitment – each of us chooses an amount that represents our personal financial capacity and the value we find in the Temple Israel community.

On your membership application, kindly designate the Annual Commitment you are prepared to make to sustain Temple Israel. You will be invoiced for that amount. It's that simple. In future years, you will be asked to again select your Annual Commitment, and if Temple Israel does not hear from you by May 1, your Annual Commitment will be billed at the Sustaining Level.

Regardless of your commitment level, your Annual Commitment:

  • includes two High Holy Day seats for 2-adult households and one High Holy Day seat for 1-adult households;
  • will receive special recognition if you increase your previous commitment by 10% or more over previous years;
  • provides access to our Religious School, but does not include tuition or other fees (e.g. building fund, which is $2,400 over 6 years);
  • will be held in the strictest confidence (other than the special recognition).

Feel free to call the Temple Israel office at 781-784-3986 if you have any questions about the Annual Commitment.