Bar/Bar Mitzvah Guide:
ELEVEN - Kiddush

On every Shabbat morning there is a kiddush after services. This is a time for the exchange of good wishes and for socializing among the diverse groups of people who have just shared the religious experience of praying together. The kiddush is an extension of the religious function itself.

It is traditional, although not required, to sponsor the kiddush for the congregation. At this time there are two options:

1. A family may sponsor the congregation's customary kiddush. There is a fee for this sponsorship which will serve the usual number of Shabbat worshippers. Please call the Temple office for the applicable fee.

2. The simha family may provide all kiddush foods and paper goods through the services of any of our approved caterers or our approved accomodator. The simha family would be responsible for selecting the menu, ensuring adequate kitchen/serving staff, and paper goods. Payment would be made to the caterer only; there is no sponsorship fee for this option.

The location of kiddush is dependent upon space available on a particular Shabbat

Additional options: 

1. Following the service, a kiddush luncheon for guests AND congregants may be a family's choice. Kiddushluncheon indicates a fuller menu, a caterer/accommodator and use of tables/chairs. There is no rental fee to use Berger or Founders' Halls when BOTH congregants and family guests are invited to the SAME kiddushluncheon in ONE of these rooms. Use of (an) additional room(s) does have a rental fee attached. Please inform the Executive Director if this is your choice - and if your plans change, be in touch immediately so that a rental contract can be drafted or so that the kiddush planning schedule can be amended.

2. Following the service, a family may sponsor the usual kiddush, or provide a kiddush, AND rent one of our rooms for a guest-only luncheon. There is a room rental fee for any space reserved for guests only. Please inform the Executive Director if this is your choice so that a rental contract can be generated. And please inform the Executive Director immediately if your plans change.

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