Annual Commitment Form

For Fiscal Year June 1, 2019 through May 31, 2020


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Please note: Our Annual Commitment model allows you to decide on your level of financial support for TI.
In order to maintain the thriving synagogue community that we are and to cover our expenses with a balanced budget, we hope and expect each family to make a meaningful gift, trying to reach or exceed these targeted amounts.

  • Presidents’ Circle, $10,000+

  • $3,360 Sustainers, 2-adult household

  • $2,100 Sustainer, 1-adult household

  • $2,100 Sustainer, 2-adult household with children under 13

  • $1,800 Sustainer, 1- adult household with children under 13

  • $ 720 Anchor Level

Member Commitment Form

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Name, adult 2
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Yes, we wish to add $150 to help cover the costs of added Safety & Security
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Use a credit card to earn points while supporting TI or pay by check transfer (ACH) or even Paypal.