Hearing Men's Voices - 2016-17

Download the brochure for facilitators' bios and additional information. 

Download the brochure for facilitators' bios and additional information. 

Making Prayer Personal

Hearing Men’s Voices provides a safe, supportive environment in which men can delve into areas of mutual interest.

This discussion series focuses on our relationship with prayer in its many forms. By exploring how Jewish men derive meaning, insight, value, and connection with Judaism and themselves, we hope to make prayer more personally meaningful. 

  • Sponsored by the Brotherhoods of Temple Israel, Sharon, Temple Sinai, Sharon, Temple Ahavath Torah, Stoughton, and Temple Beth Abraham, Canton
  • Conducted by knowledgeable volunteers
  • All sessions are conducted in members' homes
  • Free

To register: Contact the registrar listed for each session.  The registrar will provide the location of each session at the time of registration.  Members may enroll in as many sessions as they wish.

The Role of Music in Prayer
Thursday, December 8, 7:30 PM
Alan Kritz, facilitator

A discussion focused on the importance of music in our prayers, and how it can transform our experience. Register with Harold Waisel at 617-733-4268 or haroldwaisel@gmail.com

Tuesday, January 17, 7:30 PM
Ken Sperber, facilitator

Though a key piece of services, psalms are one of the least discussed elements of prayer, we will explore our thoughts about them.  Register with Michael Tesler at 781-405-0505 or mjtesler@gmail.com

Prayer in the Synagogue
Thursday, February 9, 7:30 PM
Rabbi Ron Fish, facilitator

As a mainstay of Jewish practice, we will discuss our feelings about elements of praying in shul. Register with Neal Fineman at 781-364-5318 or flashfine@comcast.net   

Original Prayer
Tuesday, March 7, 7:30 PM
George Aronson, facilitator

Some of our most important prayers are spontaneous and speak from the heart. Register with Gary Keimach at 781-784-4034 or gkeimach@comcast.net

Prayer in the Home
Tuesday, April 25, 7:30 PM
Stu Salzberg, facilitator

Judaism places an emphasis on prayer and holiday celebrations in the home.  We discuss our own traditions and thoughts about this. Register with Stephen Shrago at 781-784-1422 or sshrago@yahoo.com

The Experience of a Jew by Choice
Thursday, May 11, 7:30 PM
ndy Fandel, facilitator

We will delve into the power of prayer when one chooses to be a Jew, and how this may differ from one born Jewish. Register with David Fixler at 781-784-8302 or dfixler@rubinrudman.com