Purim Schpiel Playbill - due February 24

While the Purim Schpielers are hard at work putting together another great performance, support their efforts with an ad in the Playbill! Ads are due February 24.

This year's Purim Schpiel is based on songs that were written or performed by "royalty". We have Elvis (the King), Prince Ali from Lion King, Michael Jackson, and many others. Once again, the writers have outdone themselves! Ads can be sent to Temple Israel, to the attention of the Purim Schpiel, and are due by February 24, 2017. $10 for a well wish; $36 for a ¼ page; $25 for a business card; $54 for a ½ page; $72 for a full page. Email ads to Sandy Aronson; checks made out to Temple Israel and sent to the office.

And don't forget to join us on March 11th, right after the Megillah reading, for the fantastic Purim Schpiel!