USY TO Babysitting Feb 9, 2019

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USY Parents’ Night Out Babysitting— for TO

Saturday, February 9th, 6pm-9pm

$30 per child,
payable in cash at the door

Need a night away from the kids? AND want to support TO in the process?

USY will babysit your kids— and their fees go to “TO”, USY’s Fund for Tikun Olam- Repairing the World. USYers themselves, nationally, choose to allocate the collected funds to charities and causes that are meaningful to them.

No kids? No problem! You can still donate $30 or any amount to Tikun Olam (TI USY gets recognition for every dollar they raise)! Visit our donations page and choose USY Tikun Olam in the dropdown box.

To participate, fill in the form below.

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