Peace of Mind

Dear Congregants:

The Brotherhood is assisting Temple Israel in running a program with Young Israel called "Peace of Mind". The program runs from Sunday, October 8 through Sunday, October 14. The details of the program are available at this link.  The shorter version is contained in this excerpt from an email that Rabbi Cheses sent to the Young Israel congregants:

Soon after the Chagim, our community will have the amazing privilege of hosting a Peace of Mind program (more info below) which will bring a unit of 15 IDF soldiers who served in Nachal during the second Lebanon war and who are in need of healing.

With the guidance of two psychologists from the Israel Center for the Treatment of Psycho-Trauma, the unit will undergo intensive therapy in and around our shul during the day and then have an opportunity to enjoy Boston and to build relationships with our community in the evenings.

We will be hosting these soldiers in our homes, sharing meals with them and celebrating Shabbat together for Parshat Noach (October 13th).

We will be partnering with Temple Israel on this project and look forward to building relationships with our friends and neighbors based on our shared love for the Jewish homeland and the young men and women who serve to protect it.

We have formed the following task forces and need help with each one.

Hospitality: finding 10 hosts and arranging accommodations

Transportation: arranging for travel from/to airports and for local outings in the evening

Programing: organizing the logistics for nightly trips in the area

Shabbat: facilitating a community Shabbat dinner

Food: ordering and/or serving breakfast and lunch at the shul for that week

Fundraising: gathering funds to cover the ground costs for the week

Young Israel/Temple Israel Liaison: coordinating the collaboration

Where do we need volunteers from Temple Israel?

1) We need to provide three host families for two soldiers each.  These families should be within walking distance of Temple Israel and Young Israel and should be kosher homes.

2) We need 2 volunteers to assist with driving. The goal is that the program will rent or borrow 1-2 vans for the week, and that the drivers can take the group into Boston or whatever activity they are doing on one or two of the days.

3) We need 2-3 volunteers on two of the weekdays to serve lunch at Temple Israel (days to be decided in the next week or so). The meals will be provided by local kosher caterers so the only responsibilities should be serving, clean up, and basic prep work.

4) Most importantly, we need one person who can be the single point of contact for this program. It should mostly be coordination with Young Israel and confirming the TI volunteers and host family responsibilities.

Additionally, there is a cost component to the program. Each synagogue is responsible for $2500 to help with the costs of local transportation and activities for the 17 participants. All other costs, including airfare and the therapists, are being covered by other benefactors of the program. The Brotherhood is generously donating $500 and is collecting donations for disbursement at the end of the program. If you wish to make any size contribution, please send a check to the Temple made out to "Temple Israel Brotherhood" and include "Peace of Mind" in the note.

Please contact Harold Waisel ( as soon as possible if you wish to volunteer for this very worthwhile program.

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