TI's Holocaust Scroll Restoration Program

TI's Holocaust Scroll Restoration Program

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Temple Israel is embarking on a physical and spiritual journey to restore our approximately 200 year-old Holocaust-era scroll. Our scroll was entrusted to us in 1980 by the Memorial Scrolls Trust in London. It was saved from destruction in the Shoah, but it is no longer kosher for ritual usage.

This past month, Rabbi Sofer Kevin Hale of Leeds, MA has visited with our students and with Brotherhood's Routes program, all in Temple Israel's community effort to restore this scroll. In a rebirth cycle of its own, this sacred scroll will be present alongside our own life cycle events.

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We are developing many programs for this Project, culminating in a rededication ceremony on the Shabbat Weekend of May 17-19, 2019. Our Hebrew school children will learn how to write every letter in the Torah and all about the art and tools required.  Volunteer journalists will be available to interview anyone who would like to share their family's story for our own pages of history.

Our entire community will have the opportunity to fulfill the mitzvah of “writing a Torah" with our scribe. Families that contribute at a minimum giving level may sign up for a "scribing session" with the Sofer and fulfill that mitzvah as a family. Three dates are set aside for this opportunity: January 27, March 3, and March 31. On those days, we also will have a gallery with a movie, stories and pictures of the Jewish community of Prestice, Czechoslovakia, from where our scroll emanates, and a display of our own community's stories.  Visit our Scroll Website to sign up for a private family scribing session with Rabbi Hale. 

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To find out how you can support this project financially or as a volunteer, please contact Art Newman or Carol Wolk Rose.

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