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Picking a Jewish Early Childhood Program

The Alliance for Jewish Early Childhood Education Offers Guide to Choosing a Jewish Early Childhood Program

A Parents Guide for Choosing a Jewish Early Childhood Education is now available. The Guide was developed by The Alliance for Jewish Early Childhood Education. a national organization representing Jewish agencies and institutions crossing all denominations and dedicated to enhancing the quality of early childhood Jewish education, as well as assisting families with very young children to become engaged in the Jewish community.

The years prior to kindergarten are among the most critical in influencing children's learning and identity. High quality early childhood experiences set the stage for children's optimal cognitive, social and ethical learning. Parents have many issues to weigh when choosing an early childhood program for their child. "I picked a Jewish school because I immediately got the impression that the entire faculty cared about my child. They were not only concerned with his time in their program, but also cared about who he would be when he grew up. The seeds of reading can be planted in many fields; the seeds of menschlichkeit take better root in one's own family backyard." – Ava W., Washington DC.

The Alliance early childhood brochure encourages Jewish parents to choose quality Jewish early childhood programs for their children, leading to families' increased and continuing involvement with the greater Jewish community. The brochure suggests ten questions to ask when interviewing a prospective program, as well as a list of important elements to look for in a Jewish early childhood educational setting. Also addressed are topics such as values, tradition and identity formation.

"It is very impressive that educators from a variety of Jewish denominations and educational organizations collaborated to develop a single document appropriate for all Jewish families, wherever they fall in the spectrum of Jewish life," commented Ilene Vogelstein, Executive Administrator for the Alliance. "We are delighted to offer this service to the entire community."

You can find the guide online at http://allianceforjewishearlyeducation.org.

Please visit us to discuss choosing a Jewish Preschool to start your family's journey!