High Holy Days
5778 (2017)

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Simchat Torah luncheon



Feedback Survey - closing on Sunday, Nov 19th

Dear Temple Israel of Sharon member or participant,
The Temple Israel Board of Trustees values your opinions. Your feedback on last year's survey helped us make changes this year, and your input to this survey will help to improve our High Holy Day services for next year. The survey will take about 5-10 minutes to complete. We thank you for your participation. 
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Simchat Torah Luncheon

Temple Israel is pleased each year to honor members of our community whose participation enriches our synagogue. This year, we were honored to recognize Lisa Kritz, Ellen Silk, and Heidi Kassner, for their invaluable contributions to the temple and to celebrate their contributions at a festive Simchat Torah luncheon. Support for our luncheon is always welcome; you may use the form below to honor Lisa, Ellen, and Heidi.

Simchat Torah Festive Luncheon Sponsorship
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Contributors (this list is updated periodically)

Marty & Geila Aronson
Neil & Sandi Aronson
Larry & Miriam Blankstein
Stacey Bonnet-Chorney
Rob & Donna Carver
Michael & Debbi Coran
Leonard & Nancy Domba
Ken & Debra Getz
Sheryl Gold
Rich & Judy Goldman
Scott Katz & Rebecca Katzman
Gary & Shelley Keimach
Rafi Kieval & Nadine Evans
Aaron & Ellen Kischel
Bruce & Gila Kriegel
Alan & Lisa Kritz
Michelle Kwitkin & Wendi Hoffenberg
Michael & Beth Lappen
Rob & Margie Maidman
Freddi Faye Moskowitz
Shayna Moskowitz
Gary & Marlens Perkins
Neil & Shoshana Perlin
David & Janet Picheny
Eric Pomerantz & Sally Michael-Pomerantz
Susan Porter
Mitchell & Carol Wolk Rose
Rob Rubin & Marion Gribetz
Keith & Arleen Seidman
Shai & Andrea Simonson
Bill & Karen Tanzer
Ruth Wieland
Andrei & Pamela Zlota