Click here for the updated 2017 / 5777 Pesah Guide

Click here for the updated 2017 / 5777 Pesah Guide

B'dikat Hametz: The Search for Leaven Foods

After the house has been cleaned, which should be before Passover, on Sunday night, April 9, we search again for any crumbs of hametz (leavened foods) we missed. We use a lighted candle, a feather, and a wooden spoon. This tradition symbolizes that all hametz which we could see was removed.

Bi'ur Hametz: The Burning of Leaven Foods

This year we will offer a fire to burn your hametz prior to Passover along with other Temple Israel and Sharon friends. After our siyyum on April 10, following morning minyan, a communal medurah (bonfire) will be lit in our loading dock area. The fire will also include the burning of the lulavim from last Sukkot. It will be available until approximately 10:00am for anyone to use. Bring the kids for a memorable Passover moment – come one and all!

Whether joining us or at home, Bitul Hametz is recited to renounce the possession of hametz:

All hametz or leaven in my possession that I have not seen, and have not destroyed, shall be nullified and become ownerless, like the dust of the earth. 

Selling Hametz

One must not have any leaven (hametz) in his or her legal possession during Pesach. Because of the complexities of our modern economy, disposing of all the hametz would be costly and may be impossible. A ceremony was developed to affect the sale of all hametz to someone who is not Jewish, and thus it was not in the possession of a Jew during Pesach. After the holiday, the hametz was brought back. This symbolic sale was carried out when the family authorized a rabbi to see its hametz. A document of permission, called a shtar harsha-ah, authorizes a rabbi to engage in this transaction. This rabbi then sells the community's hametz by writing a document of sale, or shtar m’khira.

This year, your hametz will revert to your possession at 8:30pm on 22 Nisan 5777 corresponding to Tuesday evening April 18, 2017.

In order to make your home kosher l'Pesach (for Passover), complete and return the shtar harsha-ah below to Rabbi Ron Fish as soon as possible. It is customary to give tzedakah with the submission of your document; donations will be used for those in our community who need help to be able to celebrate Pesach. The deadline to submit your form and have Rabbi Fish sell your hametz is noon on April 7.

Calling All Learners

Please let Rabbi Fish know if you are interested in learning portions of the Mishna of Masechet Psachim in preparation for our communal siyyum on April 10. Learners need not be experienced in Mishnah study but should be eager to study alone and together in preparation for Passover.

Shtar Harsha-ah

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By checking this box, we do authorize Rabbi Ron Fish to act as our agent, to write shtar m/khira, and to sell our hametz ass necessary. We understand that any hametz in our house will not be ours to use from 14 Nisan to 22 Nisan (Sunday evening April 9 to 8:30pm Tuesday, April 18).