Kiddush is an important time out of our week: a relaxed environment and a nosh; what better way to catch up with our shul friends, with our shul community.

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Multiple sponsorships are welcome on any given Shabbat/holiday
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We are pleased to provide a nosh each week after services, which comes through the generosity of our members.

Celebrate a simcha, a life-cycle event, or mark a yahrzeit, and share that moment with our community.

When there is a sponsor, we can provide the kind of kiddush to which we have become accustomed;
When there is no sponsor, we can provide only the basics.

Please help our community by choosing a week to sponsor, so that each week may be covered.
On some weeks, there might be more than one sponsor, allowing us to be the kind of community that has a lot to celebrate or to come together when there is remembrance of a loss. From the list of Shabbatot and Holidays to your right, please choose a week to sponsor, at $360, and list below how you would like to be recognized. Multiple sponsorships are accepted in any given week, which offset providing the basic nosh when there is no sponsor.

Thank you for your sponsorship and for enabling us to celebrate together!