Koach: College Connection

The Koach Committee sends fun holiday-related small gifts and cards to our college undergrads throughout the year. If you are a parent of a college-aged student, all you need to do to include your children in our mailings is provide us with a bit of information. To get things started, click on the link below to fill out a form with your child's information. You also can also supply the information to us by email at koach@tisharon.org. This information needs to be updated each year.

As our kids work hard at college and connect with exciting new people and ideas, our mailings are wonderful, comforting ways to remind them that they continue to be an important part of our Temple Israel family. Our little packages generate smiles and appreciation as they help our kids remain connected to our wonderful community and beautiful traditions. Once you provide the requested information, we will include your children in our mailings for this year.

Fill out a Koach College Connection Student Information Form.

Please notify koach@tisharon.org if a student's address changes during the year. Please also note that we are unable to send packages to students studying abroad due to high postage costs.

Please call the Temple office at 781-784-3986 if you have any questions.