Remembering the Jewish Community of 

Mishnitz, Poland

Remembered by Linda Winiker

My grandmother, Becky (Bracha) Kaslowitz Winiker, came from the town of Mishnitz, located on the s mercy. As soon as this was noticed, people from all corners of the town ran over with "kiankes" (sticks), in their hands. Woman as well as men, small and big, attacked the Christian. They unhitched the horse and took the "hortshikes" (merchandise). They let him stand there until the Christian asked for mercy, that the "hortshikes" be given back, and that he should be left alone. He promised with passion to be: good and devout: and too know from then on how to behave. The story stirred up all of Mishnitz at that time and called forth warm feelings from all the inhabitants of the town.

Jewish social life came to expression in the Shul, at Jewish celebrations and private gatherings. Plays were put on every so often at the Fire Station. Mostly artists who were either passing through or were invited played there. In this way, Mishnitz lived for many years in its own unique way until Hitlerite murderers came in and, in the blink of an eye, erased it from the living world. People say that before the Nazis came, a large number of Mishnitzer Jews fell in a bombardment of the small train station. After that, the Jews were spread out and scattered in different ghettos and death camps where they gave up their holy souls. "May G-d avenge their blood."

My grandmother came to this countrywith her aunt when she was fifteen. She left behind her father, stepmother, three siblings, and many other relatives, all of whom perished in the Holocaust.

Mishnitz may also be spelled Myszyniec, and is located in the Bialystok district of Poland.

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