Dear Parents,
As you know, we are encouraging our students to wear a kippah in school, and to have their own kippah that they feel attached to. The Sisterhood Judaica Shop is accepting orders for the designs below. Each kippah has a cost of $14.
If you are interested, please help your child select a design, then complete the Order Form and submit it to the school office with a check, payable to Sisterhood Temple Israel.
Rabbi Silverman

We Welcome You With JOY!


Dear Parents,

B'ruchim HaBaim!  !ברוכים הבאים

We are Rabbi Rachel Silverman and Principal Dale Rosenberg. We are both new to Temple Israel and we’re excited to have the opportunity to lead the next phase of Temple Israel Religious School. Partnering with us in this effort are Rabbi Fish, Beth Lappen (Vice President of Education), and Rob Landstein (Education Committee Chair.) Most of you have registered your children already; we encourage the rest of you to do so right away. Registration can be found at

You will find that TIRS continues to be a loving and inspiring educational environment for your children. We are working to incorporate more learner-led education, more interactive and creative lessons, and a new set of curricular goals that will help children grow in areas such as holidays and calendar, Torah and mitzvot, Israel, Kehillah and Culture, and History. Each year classes will have specific goals in each of the curricular areas, building on what they have learned thus far.

For Hebrew reading, we are implementing the very well-respected Mitkadem program from Behrman House. This self-paced reading program is prayer based, covering not only decoding but also vocabulary, grammar, and meaning of tefilah (prayer). Children work on their own, with other students, and with the teacher in an empowering, self-directed progression from simpler prayers to more complex, developing both their technical skills in reading Hebrew and their personal concept of prayer. This program is being very successfully implemented in congregations all over the country.

Religious School this year is being consolidated into three days: Sunday, Monday, and Thursday. Specific class schedules are available at We will continue to provide bus transportation from Sharon Public Schools for an additional fee. For families whose schedules preclude attendance on Monday, we continue to offer the Havurah program as replacement. And if families have other scheduling issues or special circumstances please reach out and let us know; we will try to make something work for your family.

Beyond the regular class times, we will have opportunities for each class to lead portions of the service in children's services and/or in the main Shabbat service, demonstrating what they know. And each class will also have a family Shabbat dinner, with parents and siblings invited. This gives class families a chance to get to know one another and to see some of what the children have been learning.

Teacher training begins on September 8, and the first day of Religious School is Thursday, September 15. We look forward to meeting all of you and getting to know your children. A "back to school night" for parents to learn more about the curriculum is planned for Monday, September 19, 7:00pm at Temple Israel.

Education of children is a sacred trust and a key element of Jewish religion and culture. As the late Elie Wiesel often remarked, one never sees a Jewish home without a book on the table. We look forward to sharing our "tables" with your children and with you.


Rabbi Rachel Silverman
Dale Rosenberg, Principal