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Education Committee

The Education Committee is aware of the very special responsibility our Religious School shares with parents to provide a rich Jewish education to our children. The Committee takes this role very seriously and works diligently to ensure that our students are offered a robust curriculum and meaningful Jewish experience.

The Education Committee is composed of up to 12 congregants appointed by the Education Director and Committee Chair. The composition of the group represents a diverse set of Religious School parents whose essential function is to review and oversee the planning, budgeting, and program development of the school. These volunteers focus on creating policy and reviewing the school's short- and long-term goals. They also work to inform and include the Congregation in many of our school activities.

Each of us is very proud to be a part of the Religious School and is looking forward to the new year of learning for each child and their families. Please feel free to call upon any member of the Committee to offer suggestions or to volunteer your assistance.

Steve Steinberg, Chair (2nd grade) Ilene Greenwald, Vice President of Education
Jessica Zimmerman (1st Grade)
Sheila Strock (3rd Grade)
Arielle Morris (4th Grade)
Rebecca Rodman (5th Grade)
Julie Smiley (6th Grade)
Stacey Wolfson Newman (7th Grade)