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Policies for Parents: Drop Off, Pick Up, Snow Closings, Special Situations

For your safety, we ask that you please follow the directions below.

Carpool Pick Up

  • Students will wait for parents under the overhang at dismissal time. Parents are expected to be waiting for their child at this time. If there is a problem, please call the school office to notify us of your delay. If a child decides to go with a friend or neighbor, the school cannot be responsible.
  • Cars will be loaded four at a time. If your child is delayed, parents must either park their car or drive back into line. Please do not move out of the line until the car in front of you proceeds out of the designated loading area. Cars should not be parked in the line and left unattended.
  • If your child is to be picked up by someone other than the parent or regularly designated driver, please inform the school of this fact.
  • If there is a court order filed in the school office which will affect pick-up, pictures of the individuals involved in the court action must be supplied to the school. Should these procedures be disruptive, or pose any risk to staff or students, the school maintains the right to take appropriate action.
  • If you are picking your child up for an early dismissal, please first stop in at the school office, and we will be happy to get your child for you.

Bus Conduct

Riding the school bus provided by Temple Israel to the synagogue is a privilege. The Education Committee requires children to conduct themselves on the bus in a manner consistent with established standards for class behavior. In cases when a child does not conduct him/herself properly on the bus, the Education Director shall inform the parents immediately of the misconduct and request their cooperation in monitoring the child's behavior.

Children who become a serious disciplinary problem on the school bus may have their riding privileges suspended. In such cases, the parents of the child involved become responsible for seeing that their child gets to and from synagogue.

Rules of Student Bus Behavior

Conduct on the Bus

  • All school rules apply once students enter the bus.
  • In cases of violations of school rules drivers will ask a student to wait at the bus until a person in authority at TIRS is present.
  • The driver will describe the situation and parents will be notified.
  • Violations may lead to suspension from bus service and loss of fees.
  • Bus monitors will be present on all trips

Leaving the Bus

  • Students should remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop.
  • Students should get off the bus in an orderly manner, allowing students in front seats to get off first. Crowding and pushing should be avoided.
  • Once off the bus, students should promptly move to a safe place away from the bus.
  • Students should never attempt to retrieve an object dropped in front of or under a bus.


Snow Closing Policy

Temple Israel Religious School follows the Sharon Public Schools for weather related closings. If the Sharon Public Schools are closed, so too is TiRS.

In all other cases when a decision is reached to close during the week, we will email parents, announce at all Sharon Public Schools, and post this cancellation on our website by 1:00pm. Cancellation of Religious School will also be listed on WCVB-5, WHDH-7, WBZ-4, and WBZ-1030 News Radio.

On wintry days, we ask that you prepare your child for the possibility of Religious School closing as they leave home in the morning. At times when you are not at home during school dismissal, please be sure to have an alternative plan for your child to go home to the safety of a friend or neighbor.

On Sundays a decision to cancel classes will be made by 6:00am and posted on our website by 7:30am. It is imperative that parents supply the school office with updated emergency contact information so we can make every effort to contact you.

Parents who have opted into receiving text messages will also receive an alert letting them of any schedule changes.