Snapshot of Our Program by Grade

A solid partnership between your home, our school, and the broader Temple Israel community is central in creating a positive experience. We value your input and invite your family to rediscover the joys of Jewish living and learning with us this year!

Matrix of Curriculum Goals

Grade: Day Calendar/Holiday Prayer/Ritual Focus Torah/Mitzvot Focus Modern Hebrew/Israel Kehillah/ Culture History Milestone Event/ Project/ Gift Judaica Art Project
Gan: Sunday Begin to understand the idea of "Jewish time" - focus on Shabbat, Hanukah, Pesach Shma, Modeh Ani, Hanukah blessings Noah's Ark Story, Tzedakah, Derekh Eretz, Kibud Av v'Em, Caring for Animals Hebrew as language of Israel; Weather Terms; Alef Bet Song Significance of wearing a kippah; begin learning about the community and shul etiquette. Recognize flag and map of Israel; understand connection between American Jews and Israel. Begin Learning, get first siddur Hanukiah
Aleph: Sunday & Thursday Know which holidays come in which season; focus on Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Pesach Blessings for Friday night dinner, Shehechiyanu, Barchu, Brachot for food Tikun Olam, Shalom Bayit, Learn some stories about the Patriarchs and Matriarchs Recognize all the Hebrew letters and know their sounds; Read two letter words; Hebrew for body parts Recognize Hebrew, English and Transliteration in Siddur; Major features of the sanctuary Understand Jewish history as beginning in Israel a long time ago. Learn complete Aleph Bet, receive Aleph Bet Memory Game Challah Cover
Bet: Sunday & Thursday Know the calendar order of Jewish holidays; focus on Simchat Torah, Tu BiShvat, Purim Blessings over candles for holidays, Mi Chamocha, Adon Olam, Oseh Shalom, Psalm 150 Hachnasat Orchim; familiarity with major stories of B'reshit and the Exodus from Egypt. Words for familiy relationships; ability to locate major regions of Israel on a map; some knowledge of similarities and differences in life for children in Israel and the US Know where the Torah is and when it is read; understand and practice appropriate behavior during prayer. Understand connection between modern Jewry and a history going back to biblical times. Get Siddur Candlesticks
Gimel: Sunday, Monday, & Thursday Understand the biblical basis of Jewish holidays; focus on Sukkot, Pesach, Shavuot Beginning of Amidah, Structure of Friday night and Saturday morning services, Aleinu; Understand prayer as talking to G-d; understand importance of communal prayer and minyan Shmirot Halashon, Relationship between mitvot and Torah and law codes Count to 20 in Hebrew; Be able to dance some Israeli folk dances, including understanding directions in Hebrew. Know where their family moved from and where extended family lives; be able to identify their family's countries of origin on a globe or world map. Understand the role of Jewish immigration in American History; Understand that American Jews have a variety of ethnic backgrounds and national origins. Begin "big kid" (i.e. three days a week) Religious School, Receive Zlateh the Goat or other book of Jewish Folktales Kiddush Cup
Dalet: Sunday, Monday, & Thursday Be able to identify texual basis of Jewish holidays; Shabbat, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Tu BiShvat Torah Service, Amidah, Shir Hakavod; be able to articulate a personal view of prayer. Seeking forgiveness; Laws concerning the environment; understand the role of the Mishkan and of the Temple as its successor; understand the role of the Cohanim in the Torah; understand modern Judaism as the result of the move from sacrifice-based to prayer-based religion. Begin to learn Hebrew script; understand that Modern Hebrew is generally written without vowels and learn to recognize some words without vowels; recognize the Israeli national anthem. Be able to participate appropriately in adult services; recognize and understand the role of "prayerwear"; Understand that Temple Israel is a Conservative congregation and understand some of the differences among the major Jewish movements. Begin to understand Jewish history in its relationship to world history; understand the concept of Diaspora; Begin learning about the Holocaust and its effect on worldwide Jewry Planting, Tu BiShvat seder, Receive A Day Apart Kippah
Hey: Sunday, Monday, & Thursday Sunday Monday Thursday Introduce Tisha B'Av; focus on Pesach, Simchat Torah, Omer/Shavuot Birkat Hamazon, Psukei D'Zimra, Begin learning Torah Trope Tikun Olam, Tzedakah Continue to learn Hebrew Script; learn 100 sight words in Hebrew; be able to sound out an unfamiliar text with vowels. Understand the Jewish concept of freedom; understand why services are "avodah", understand the importance of being a positive influence. Understand the relationship between the Holocaust and the founding of the State of Israel; Identify some major contributions of Jews to American history. Chocolate Seder, Receive Haggadah Seder Plate
Vov: Sunday & Thursday Understand how the Jewish calendar functions in relation to the secular calendar and why/how the holidays "float" relative to the secular calendar; focus on Sukkot, Purim, Hanukah Comfortable with complete Saturday morning service, Begin Learning Haftarah Trope Kavod Habriyot, Bikur Cholim, Tallit and Tefillin Learn 100 more sight words; be able to sound out a more complicated unfamiliar text, with vowels; be familiar with the Declaration of Independence of the State of Israel Understand the role in congregational life of Jewish lifecycle events from birth to death. Understand the relationship between Zionism and anti-Semitism; learn about rescuers and resistance during the Holocaust Write and deliver Dvar Torah in Jr. Congregation, receive Etz Chayim Tallit
Zayin: Monday & Thursday Understand the 19-year cycle of the Jewish Calendar; understand how and why holiday dates differ in the Diaspora; focus on Tisha B'Av, Yom Hashoah, Yom Haatzmaut Leading any part of Saturday morning Service, Close reading of Megillat Esther Bar/Bat Mitzvah as obligation to Mitzvot, Comforting Mourners/Shiva Minyan, Bikur Cholim With one instructional day, Modern Hebrew is not covered for this year. Participate in Telem and understand it as mitzvah; participate in Shiva minyan; participate in Bikur Cholim. Understand the effects of the Holocaust on world wide Jewry. Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Receive Adult Siddur Yad