Scholarship Assistance

Contributions are always welcome
to TI Scholarship Funds.

Throughout Temple Israel’s eight decades, generous members and their families have established endowed scholarship funds to assist others with the financial realities of participating in Jewish life. We are grateful to the families who have kept alive the legacies of their loved ones, and we are grateful to the individuals who continue to support our community through continuing contributions.

By investing these funds through the years, TI is able to provide a limited amount of assistance for Religious School and other Jewish enrichment experiences for our youth. Though the endowment continues to provide such funding- and contributions are made to many of these funds throughout the year- there is still a limited pool of resources from which we can draw. We remain committed to providing as much assistance as possible, though we recognize that the need might be greater than what we can provide.

Families requesting scholarship assistance should fill out this form as soon as possible, as funds are committed on a rolling basis. To help you plan, our aim for the 2019-20 academic year is to provide awards by September 6th. To be eligible for financial assistance, families must be enrolled in TI’s electronic payment portal for regular payments by bank check transfer (ACH) or by credit card.

Some funding will be set aside for assistance with camps and other Jewish summer experiences, available in December. If that smaller pool of funding is not exhausted, it will be redistributed to provide further assistance we could not provide in round 1.

Please note: scholarships for participation in certain USY & Kadima programs are generously provided through the Herb & Eileen Brown Youth Fund and may be requested through the Youth Advisor.

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Eligibility is contingent on being enrolled in TI's online payment portal. Please acknowledge that you are enrolled in the portal or visit to enroll then return to this page to fill out the scholarship form. *
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Please note that transportation is not factored into funding for assistance.
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TI's Building Fund is $400 per year for six years. The Building Fund provides capital improvements to our facility, which benefit entire community at large. In recent years, we have put a new roof on the building, installed a new HVAC system, made improvements to our facility, and upgraded safety & security.
If you are requesting only a scholarship for TI Religious School, please skip to the SUBMIT button below. If you are requesting assistance toward Jewish Summer Camp, Israel Trip, or other Jewish enrichment experience, please also fill out the section below.
(so that we can send a check, if qualified for a scholarship from Temple Israel)
To be eligible for TI scholarship assistance, you must also be receiving financial aid from the camp/Israel trip/other Jewish enrichment experience. Please indicate that with a check mark and then email a copy of the letter/bill/acknowledgment to