Shavuot (5/19-5/21)


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Sat, May 19 - Shavuot all-night learning tikun (see below)
Candle lighting 8:45pm from pre-existing flame
Mincha 7:15pm
Ma’ariv 8:47pm

Sun, May 20
Candle lighting 8:47pm from pre-existing flame
Early AM Shacharit 4:10am
Shacharit 9:00am
Mincha 7:45pm
Ma’ariv 8:30pm

Mon, May 21
Early AM Shacharit 6:30am, Yizkor recited
Shacharit 9:00am, Yizkor recited
Mincha 7:45pm
Ma’ariv/Havdalah 8:48pm

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(click on image to enlarge it)

RSVP for this wonderful all night learning experience here: 

Our Wonderful Classes:

Counting, Singing and Exploring Our Way into Shavuot!
Gila Bauman
Bring your kiddos for a fun hands on scavenger hunt outside. Will play games sing songs and use all of our five senses!!

The Invention of Shavuot - how coffee changed the Receiving of the Torah
Rabbi Mordechai Rackover

Rules rules rules
Gila Bauman
Games will be played. Learning will happen. There will be laughter and discussions! Do you think your kids are ready??? Join Gila on shavuot and find out!

Rabbi Fish’s Talmud Class
Rabbi Fish

My Journeys shared Jewishly
Art Newman
Hear from young adults who have had fascinating life experiences share their insights and personal growth in a Jewish context.

The Wisdom of Yitro: Learning from and Embracing the non-Jews Among Us
Maureen Mintz
What can our traditional texts teach us about the positive effect that keiruv (drawing people closer) and inclusion have on our Jewish community? We will explore the story of Yitro, a Midianite priest who becomes Moshe's father-in-law, using text, midrash (Rabbinic commentary), and art. No previous knowledge of Hebrew or text study is necessary to fully participate in this session.

Shavuot: Opening to the 50th Gate of the Heart:
Shoshana Cetlin
Study and Meditation

Ezekiel and the Alien Spaceship:  an exceptional look at the sources
Jeff Borkan
Is the account in the Book of Ezekiel a description of a meeting with G-d and/or angels, a prophetic vision, or a series of encounters with ancient astronauts in a space shuttle from another planet or from the future?  Do we read it as metaphor or a simple description by a 6th Century BCE Israelite of a sophisticated other world (or future world) advanced spacecraft? Working in groups, we will examine the texts (2 chapters from the Book of Ezekiel) and ask you to consider how the spaceship might have looked, how it moved and was propelled, and what kinds of aliens (or future humans) were its passengers, and how they looked.  Finally, if you dare, we will ask you to consider their message.

Sermon Slam
A Sermon Slam is like a poetry slam, but for dvrei torah, poetry, personal narratives, and any other short, religiously inspired performances. Slammers will perform for 6 minutes or less, each on the topic of “Revelation”. Slammers include: Josh Bob, Shelley Kaimach, Mark Levitt, and Ken Sperber. The audience will be asked to pick the winner of the evening.

What Really Happened At Mt. Sinai?
Julie Brenman

Which is more important, being right or being one? How Jews have balanced faithfulness and unity from Moses to Massapoag.
Rabbi Noah Cheses and Rabbi Ron Fish
We are proud to announce that Rabbis Cheses and Fish will be co-teaching a class both at Temple Israel, and later at Young Israel, as part of the respective Tikkun Leil programs of each shul.  This coming together with an acknowledgement of difference is part of what makes the Sharon Jewish community so special. The rabbis will be teaching about the problems and potential this unity across lines of difference offers through a review of Biblical and rabbinic sources.

Jews and Tattoos
Allison Poirier
Bubbie always told me that Jews don't get tattoos, but how does she know that?  Is there such a thing as a Jewish tattoo? We will explore what the traditional texts have to say about this subject, and discuss how it came to hold such a prominent position in our idea of what makes a Jew.

Cheesecake Baking
Rabbi Rachel Silverman
What’s Shavuot without cheesecake? Join us in the kitchen as we cook the dairy-est of all desserts - the cheesecake. Finger-licking fun!

Maimonides on Reason and Belief, Knowledge and Opinion
Ron Czik
A common misconception in reading Maimonides in the Guide of the Perplexed is understanding his views on reason versus belief and knowledge versus opinion. We will discuss how Maimonides chose the path of balance between reason and belief using reason to support belief, i.e. revelation, and show that while he understands the limits of reason, reason must control and guide belief. We will see that through negation, implication, and logic, knowledge of G-d and the true teachings of the torah can be understood.

Torah, Mitzvot, and “doing the right thing.”
Matthew Hass
We will examine some classical Jewish texts which argue that the Torah mandates living a life of holiness that goes beyond merely observing the mitzvot as if they were a recipe in a cookbook. Instead, we are required to view halakha as the foundation, not the final step, of our journey toward  holiness. Living a true life of Torah requires constantly striving to “do the right thing.”

Do We Believe in Magic?
Leah Bieler

Beer, Pretzels, and the makings of Shavuot
Allison Poirier
Are we celebrating the revelation of Torah at Sinai, are we celebrating the wheat harvest, what is this holiday even about?! And what's with all the dairy?! 20s and 30s folks are invited for a crash course in the background and basics of shavuot accompanied by some beer tasting and pretzel-baking to celebrate the wheaty (and witty) aspects of this holiday.

Outreach vs. Inreach: Classical Rabbinic Literature and Jewish Communal Policy.
Dr. Michelle Shain
How should the Jewish community allocate its resources? What is the right balance between "outreach" to Jews on the periphery of Jewish life vs. "inreach" to the committed core of Jews who sustain our schools, shuls and other communal institutions? We will examine sources in classical rabbinic literature that speak to this question (in Hebrew and English translation) and discuss implications for contemporary Jewish life.

Teen Talk
Rabbi Rachel Silverman
How young is too young to lead the Jewish people? Do you have what it takes to lead the community, the country, the world? Come see what our ancient texts have to say - and share your own interpretations.

Class taught by Noah Horowitz

Meditative Hebrew Chanting
Janet Zucker
A several year enthusiast of what is often called Spiritual chanting, I have found meditative chant to be both relaxing and meaningful. The session will begin with a bit of background (the who, what, where, why and how of the practice), followed by learning and practicing some wonderful chants.

Our Teachers

Gila Bauman is a nanny and leads tot shabbat, mini minyan and teaches the fourth grade here at Temple Israel. Her programs are always educational and fun for the whole family

Leah Bieler

Josh Bob loves being a dad, product management, and being married to the rabbi. He starts a new job at next week.

Jeff Borkan, MD, PhD is a physician-anthropologist at Brown University

Julie Brenman

Ron Czik is married to Wendy Czik, father to Shoshana Edelson and Josh Czik. Long time resident of Sharon. Nerd, computer scientist and learning about Maimonides.

Matthew Hass is a PhD candidate in Ancient Judaism at Harvard University specializing in ancient biblical interpretation. He is writing his dissertation on the figure of Abraham in early Jewish and Christian literature. He also happens to be married to our rabbinic intern, Allison Poirier.

Noah Horowitz

Shelley Keimach, Mother, gardener, cook, interested human, activist needleworker and CEO of 89 Gavins Pond Road.

Mark Levitt has been an active member of TI for 20 years, reading Torah more than your average Joe.

Maureen Mintz has been an educator for as long as she can remember. When she was 10 years old, she ran her own summer camp in her back yard for neighborhood kids even younger than she was. Since then she has taught all ages from toddlers to adults in day schools, religious schools, synagogues, JCCs, conferences, and private homes.

Art Newman Art's own Journeys include studying at UMASS and McGill University, fascinating travel and life experiences and a lifetime engaged in volunteering.

Allison Poirier is thrilled to be continuing in her role as our rabbinic intern as she goes on to her 5th year of rabbinical school at Hebrew College. She is originally from Medfield MA, and hopefully by the time you read this bio she will have moved to Sharon!

Rabbi Mordechai Rackover is an alum of Yeshivat Bat Ayin, Yeshivat Hamivtar, Pardes and Hebrew University. He is the author of Luach Torat Israel and serves as principal of Temple Israel's Religious School.

Dr. Michelle Shain is a research scientist at Brandeis University's Cohen Center for Modern Jewish Studies, where she conducts scholarly and policy-relevant research on the American Jewish community.

Janet Zucker and her family have been happy members of Temple Israel since joining in 2014. Janet states, "there is almost always something interesting happening at TI. One of the highlights for me is daily minyan and of course, those people who populate it."