2013-2014 ~ 5774

See below the Shabbat options for programs, classes, and series.

Soulful Shabbos and Shabbat Options (Co-Sponsored by the Ritual Committee)

Drop In Meditation Circle with Torah Study

WEEKLY, 9:00 am – 10:00 am
Enjoy poetic text study on the parasha, meditation and sharing. For the beginner as well as experienced.
Co-leaders: Rachel Melemed, Susie Rosenwasser, Marjie Bernard, Susan Cetlin & Laurie Silver

Outdoor Shabbas Nature Program

October 19, 10:30 to noon
Shelly Keimach, Roberta Goldschneider and Rachel Atwood, all nature enthusiasts, will guide us on a contemplative nature walk and text study on Parasha Veyera. In this parasha, there are many references to the eyes and sight. In this session, we will learn to look at nature in new ways. At 10:30 a.m., meet in Gan Shalom Garden at Temple Israel. If raining, the study will occur in the library, but we will still walk, so dress accordingly (i.e., bring umbrellas and rain gear).

Co-sponsored with Gan Shalom Project.
Co-led by Rachel Atwood, Roberta Goldschnieder and Shelly Keimach.

Alternative Torah Service

November 2, 10:30 to noon
Cantor Miram Silva will guide us in learning about the spiritual underpinnings of the Torah Service and lead us in joyous singing, meditation and healing prayers. This intimate service will be held in Founders Hall. Join us for congregational Kiddush following the program.

Cantor Miriam Silva, from Brazil, is a melodious singer blessed with a beautiful voice, an accomplished leader of communal prayer, and a dedicated teacher that approaches her work with a profound love for Judaism and Torah. She studied Bel Canto at the Conservatory of Music in Pernambuco and received a degree in vocal performance at the North Brazil School of Music. She has a beautiful soprano voice and enjoyed immensely many opportunities to sing in many concerts either as a member of a professional choir or as a soloist. She studied chazanut and vocal technique with Cantor Avshalom Tzfirah, joined The Cantors Assembly CICA Program and studied Liturgy, Dinei T'filah and Nusach HaT'filah with Cantor Michael Krausman , while studying Bel Canto with Manny Perez in Miami. Cantor Silva comes to Massachusetts with many years of experience serving the Jewish community in Florida.

Moving Through Shabbat 

November 16, 10:30 to noon
The Torah: During this Soulful Shabbos, we will create a Jewish movement practice weaving and integrating themes from Shabbat prayer and Parashat Hashavuah.

The Yoga: In the spirit of Shabbat, we will sit together in a centering meditation to quiet the mind, then move through gentle postures to enliven the body. Gradually we'll conclude with some restorative poses which will include assuming a supine position to fully embody and experience the day of rest.

Attire: Feel free to wear comfortable Shabbat appropriate clothing. One idea for women are leggings and a skirt. Men can wear Shabbat clothing easy to move in as well.

Program will begin promptly at 10:30 in Founders Hall. Please arrive a few minutes before to get settled. If you would like to either bring a mat or drop one off before Shabbat, that is fine. We will also have the use of the carpet in Founder's Hall.

Tu Bishvat Tree of Life Meditation and Text Study

January 18, 10:30 to noon
Susie Rosenwasser and Rachel Atwood. Held in Founders Hall. Join us for Kiddush following the program.

Shabbat Chanting Service 

March 22, 10:30 to noon
Led by Judy Kaye and Bruce Phillips
Chanting is the melodic and rhythmic repetition of a Hebrew phrase drawn from Torah or liturgy.
Sometimes the sheer volume of Jewish prayers, collected over the centuries, can pose an obstacle to understanding the words' meaning or tapping their transformative energy. Chanting is a powerful tool for exploring our holy texts deeply, quieting the mind, experiencing the sacred, and connecting with community.
This service will follow the general structure of the Shabbat morning siddur. We will chant short passages – sometimes a single phrase - from each section, and will integrate meditation, gentle stretching, study, and participatory aliyot into our davening. Includes Chanting and Drumming.
(adapted from The Magic of Hebrew Chant: Healing the Spirit, Transforming the Mind, Deepening Love, by Rabbi Shefa Gold)

Judy Kaye and Bruce Phillips are active members of Temple Emanu-El in Providence, where they help lead "Soulful Shabbat" services and programs. They are both alumni of Kol Zimra, the Jewish Chant Leaders Institute led by master teacher and innovator, Rabbi Shefa Gold, and have studied for 20 years at the Elat Chayyim Center for Jewish Spirituality

Rosh Chodesh Healing Series

Celebrate Rosh Chodesh (the new month) with other women, connect, learn, socialize and nosh. Every month, the class studies a chapter from the book Empowered to Heal: Therapeutic Visualizations Drawn from the Lunar Months by Simcha H. Benyosef. Purchase of book is recommended, though not required. Rebbetzin Shafer has studied Jewish healing extensively and is a fascinating presenter. She is a licensed clinical social worker who integrates Jewish healing methods and energy work into her practice.

Channah Schafer, LICSW: Wed. 7:45-9:15 pm, 8/28/13*, 10/2/13, 11/6/13, 12/5/13 (Thursday night), 1/8/14, 1/29/14, 3/5/14. *8/28 program held at Susan Cetlin's home.
With pre-registration: 10 Tiferet Class Pass Tickets for series or $18 per individual class. $20 Walk-in.

The Songs of Nature: Perek Shira: Understanding the Torah Lessons From Every Part of Nature

The sages of the Talmud composed a fascinating book called "Perek Shira, The Chapter of Songs". This book, (which is recited as a daily prayer by many Jews), lists scores of different animals and natural phenomena and lists a "song" that is sung by each creature. Each song is a different verse from the Tanach. Part of the message of Perek Shira is that we can learn very inspiring Torah lessons from every part of nature. It teaches, for example, that we can learn compasionship from a dog, industriousness from an ant, and the importance of review from a fig tree. Further lessons are taught from the desert, rivers, stars, trees, lightening, elephants, horses, snakes, scorpians and many more. Perek Shira also teaches us to have a general appreciation for the wonder and beauty of the natural world. Please join Rabbi Yitzi Weiner for a five part series studying Perek Shira and the inspiring Torah lessons we can learn from the natural world.

Thursday nights 8-9:30 pm, October 17, 31, November 14, 21, December 19.

With pre-registration: 5 Tiferet Class Pass Tickets for series or $18 per individual class. $20 Walk-in

Book Discussion, Proof of Heaven

Sunday mornings, 11/3, 12/1, 1/5, 9:30-11 am, Tiferet Class Pass Tickets for series or $18 per individual class. $20 Walk-in.
The book Proof of Heaven by Dr. Eben Alexander has challenged all of us to reconsider our attitudes toward life after death and paranormal experiences in general. Let's explore together the Jewish views on these issues and share our own thoughts on what this means for our lives. The class will combine text study, personal perspectives and an open discussion on life after death.

Creative Writing Group for Personal Reflection

Sunday afternoons, 1-3 pm, on 10/6, 11/24, 12/8, 2/2. In this 4 part series, learn to write your personal story creatively and effectively in a supportive and kind peer group. The writing content wil be meaningful events in our lives. Participants will be expected to bring in a writing sample to each session and take turns leading the discussion and feedback. All levels of writing experience are welcome.
Homework for Session 1: Bring 8 copies of up to a two page single space writing focused on an experience, insight, awareness or question you had this past year or in previous years which is significant to your life and/or spiritual journey.
There is no charge for this group, but pre-registration is required and donations are appreciated.

Tu Bishvat Environmental and Mystical Seder

Rachel Atwood and Susie Rosenwasser, Thurs. January 16, 7:30-9:00 pm. With pre-registration, 1 Tiferet Class Pass Ticket or $18. $20 Walk-in.

Book discussion: Building A Sanctuary In the Heart by Rabbi Itamar Schwartz

Wed. evenings, 2/ 26, 3/19, 4/30, 7:45-9:15. No charge though donation appreciated.

Meditation Techniques of Rabbi Isaac Luria, Rabbi Meir Sendor

3 Part Series on Thursday evenings, 8-9:30 pm, 5/15, 22, & 29. With pre-registration, the series cost is $54 or 3 Tiferet Class Pass Tickets. $20 for individual classes.

Rabbi Meir Sendor will be instructing the class in practicing one of the central Lurianic meditation methods, the Soul Root Ascent. This is a rigorous meditation which we will do in a guided format, that exercises many modes of consciousness and helps cultivate a deep, open, focused purity of mind. It is a technique that is especially timely for the period of Counting the Omer in preparation for Shavuot. The first session will introduce the meditation from its source text in Rabbi Hayyim Vital's "Gates of Holiness," along with a practice session. The next two classes will feature full-length meditations and analytic discussions.

Rabbi Dr. Meir Sendor is the spiritual leader of the Young Israel of Sharon, MA. He is a recognized scholar in the field of Jewish History, specifically the history of Jewish mysticism, philosophy and medicine. He holds a rabbinic ordination from Yeshiva University, a Ph.D. with Distinction from Harvard University and a Master's from Yale University. Rabbi Sendor lectures widely on his specialties and holds many classes on various Torah topics for all levels.



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