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A Message from TI President Ron Czik

Dear TI Friends,

I hope you had a wonderful and meaningful Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur. During the holiday, we've had hundreds and hundreds of Temple Israel family, friends, and prospective new members join in the various Zoom sessions. I hope you were able to join in and feel the connection.

Just before Yizkor on Yom Kippur, I had the opportunity to share a short message with you about supporting our community. In it, I shared a couple of my favorite stories about bringing light, warmth, and life to our community. If you didn't have the opportunity to see it, I invite you to watch it. I promise, it's short. You may see it by clicking the pic to your right.

In the video, I explain that we Jews don't do social distancing. We may be temporarily physically distant, but not socially, not religiously. That's not in our nature. And now is the time to show that. Now is the time to support our connection. I humbly and respectfully ask that this year, you virtually turn down a tab and give to support the community we both love and need now more than ever. I ask you to support Temple Israel, our community. This year, I ask that you scroll down at the bottom of this letter and donate what you can.

May 5781 be a year of warmth and of light. May it be a year of peace, love, and health, filled with family and friends. And may we continue to be connected to each other to pray, learn, and share our Jewish lives with each other at our community, at Temple Israel.

Shana tova and g'mar chatima tova.


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Special thanks to Debra Getz for producing this video message

Annual Campaign 5781 / 2020-2021

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Fri, September 24 2021 18 Tishrei 5782