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Calendar of Events 2020-2021


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Our Mission

Temple Israel of Sharon Brotherhood’s mission is to strengthen our members’ ties to Jewish values, to build communal ties, to support Temple Israel, and to build fellowship and camaraderie through social interaction, education, performing mitzvot, and a commitment to tikkun olam.


Who We Are

The Brotherhood of Temple Israel has been acknowledged as one of the most celebrated clubs in North America by the International Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs. We won acclaim for overall programming, for Hearing Men’s Voices, for our “To Life!” health and wellness program, and for “The Mitzvah Men.” Each year, our Mitzvah Men walked for hunger, helped build a Habitat for Humanity house, delivered meals on wheels to the needy, and played an important role in providing needed resources for the Temple Israel and greater community. As a group, we work hard to support the community, and we have a great time doing it! We are proud of being able to contribute during times of need. 

Here are some of the great events you will see sponsored by our Brotherhood:

  • Sunday morning breakfast programs with great food and fascinating speakers

  • The Jewish Routes Breakfast Program

  • “Mitzvah Men” tikkun olam (healing the world) projects

  • The “Best of the Best” award-winning Hearing Men Voices series

  • Learning about the spiritual dimensions of prayer and the holidays

  • Movie nights, Texas Hold’Em

  • Bob Zeitsiff Memorial Brotherhood Weekend

  • Chanukah family party

  • Annual Online Auction

  • Patriots Football on the Big Screen and our annual “Big Game” Party

  • Annual Charity Golf Tournament

  • The “Tour de Shuls” bike rally

  • Tennis on Tuesdays, Shabbat Biking, Cross country skiing and Kayaking

  • Man of the Year Breakfast

  • USY/Brotherhood mini-golf, softball and bowling events

  • Keeper of the Flame Dinner

  • TheRetreat at Camp Ramah

  • ...and, there is always more!

Affiliated with the Federation of Jewish Men's Clubs and the New England Region of FJMC.

News & Announcements

The Federation of Jewish Men's Clubs, FJMC, has honored our Brotherhood with the title of Quality Club at the highest level, Super Club! Worldwide only one other club has achieved this level.


Temple Israel Brotherhood wins 6 Quality Awards at the 2019 FJMC International Convention

Gold Best Overall Programming, “Celebrity Speaker Series”
Bronze     Best Overall Programming, “Overall Programming 2017-2019”
Gold Other Programs, “Improv Brotherhood – A Night of Laughter”
Bronze Hearing Men’s Voices, “Hearing Men’s Voices”
Bronze Israel / Masorti Programs, “Peace of Mind”
Silver Youth Programming, “March of the Living”



Temple Israel Brotherhood wins 8 Quality Awards at the 2017 FJMC Convention, including Silver Award for Best Overall Club

13 Brotherhood members attended the FJMC Convention in July in the Washington DC area.  We came home with our luggage a little heavier thanks to the recognition our club received.

Gold Club Administration - Strategic Planning Offsite
Gold Joint Programming - The Combined Temples Charity Golf Tournament
Gold Programming for Younger Men - Dad's Day Out
Gold Fundraising - Comedy Night / Auction Kickoff
Silver Best Overall Club
Silver Fundraising - Lift Your Spirits
Silver Hearing Men's Voices
Bronze     Israel/Masorti - Search for D'or Hadash Rabbi



Brotherhood Honors & Awards

FJMC Keepers of the Flame

FJMC Keepers of the Flame

Mark Popovsky, TI Keeper of the Flame, presented by Elliot Feldman

Mark Popovsky, TI Keeper of the Flame, presented by Elliot Feldman

Video of 2019 NER FJMC Keeper of the Flame Ceremony held at Temple Israel (video courtesy Larry Sandberg)

Keepers of the Flame

Men honored by the New England Region of the Federation of Jewish Men's Clubs in recognition of their outstanding contributions to their Men's Club, Synagogue and Community. 

Bob Zeitsiff z"l  2001 
Art Spar   2002 
Motti Pupkin   2003 
Morey Waltuck   2004 
Elliot Feldman   2005 
Sam Hurvitz z"l  2006 
Harvey Wolf   2007 
Neal Fineman   2008  
David Arons  2009  
Larry Lencz   2010 
Irv Kempner  2011 
Paul Davidson 2012
Alan Kritz 2013
Michael Getz 2014
Noah Horowitz 2015
Andy Fandel 2016
Ron Czik 2017
Stephen Shrago 2018
Mark Popovsky 2019
Aaron Kischel 2020


Men of the Year

Men honored by the Brotherhood in recognition of their outstanding contribution to the Brotherhood and Temple Israel 

Bob Zeitsiff z"l  Founder 
Sidney Smith z"l  1982 
Al Rudner z"l   1983 
George Small  1984 
Edward Morris  1985 
Sam Natansohn  1985 
Joseph Walter  1986 
Al Hoffman z"l  1987  
Motti Pupkin  1988 
Elliot Feldman  1989 
Morey Waltuck   1990 
Sidney Hentoff z"l  1991 
Phill Chapman z"l   1992 
Michael Flatto  1993 
Arthur Spar   1994 
Sam Hurvitz z"l 1995  
Paul Abrams  1996 
Henry Katz  1997 
Jay Schwab  1998 
David Beckman  1999 
Steve Bergel  2000  
Paul Bettan  2001 
Roy Klein z"l  2002 
Harvey Wolf   2003 
Larry Lencz  2004 
Hy Lamb  2005 
Neal Fineman  2006 
Marty Grandberg  2007 
David Arons  2008  
Rob Carver  2009 
Irv Kempner  2010 
Paul Davidson  2011 
Jerry Wine 2012
Brian Brenner  2013 
Ron Czik 2015
Cantor Steven Dress 2016
Gary Keimach 2017
Jimmy Slovin 2018
Michael Getz 2019
Harold Waisel 2020


Brotherhood Events

If you have an idea for an event, please send it to Scott Shikora, Brotherhood President.

Hearing Men's Voices (HMV)- 2020-21

Our award-winning lay-led program continues; this year's topic: "COVID-19: Dealing with..."

  • Physical Health

  • Milestones

  • Loss of Human Contact

  • Financial Repercussions

  • Family Connections

  • Loss of Predictability

  • the Michegas

For information, contact Norm Tabroff or Matt Zinno


Jewish Routes with Rabbi Fish

Join Rabbi Fish as the Brotherhood sponsors the Jewish Routes Breakfast Series.

This year: “MAGEFOT – The Struggles and Survival of the Jewish People Through the Plagues of History”

Please RSVP to Motti Pupkin at or call 508-286-4061 for further information.

Officers, Directors, and Past Presidents


 President Scott Shikora
 1st Vice President Michael Getz
 2nd Vice President Gary Keimach
 3rd Vice President Josh Olshin
 4th Vice President Brian Silver
 Treasurer Alan Kritz
 Assistant Treasurer David Fixler
 Recording Secretary Norm Tabroff


Committee Chairs

 Programming Committee Open
 Tikkun Olam Open
 Hesed Marv Asnes
 Finance Committee Brian Brenner, Morey Waltuck, Steve Rafsky
 Marketing Committee Michael Getz, Andy Fandel
 Membership Committee Open



Andy Fandel
Stu Gold
Rick Gomolka
Irv Kempner

Larry Lencz
Mark Popovsky
Steve Rafsky
Jim Slovin

Terry Smily
Steve Steinberg
Michael Tesler


Past Presidents

Robert Zeitsiff z"l   1978-80  
Al Hoffman z"l   1980-82  
Edward Morris z"l   1982-84  
Morey Waltuck   1984-86  
Elliot Feldman   1986-88  
Michael Flatto   1988-90  
Arthur Spar   1990-92  
David Grossman   1992-93  
Paul Abrams   1993-95  
Steven Bergel   1995-97  
David Beckman   1997-99  
Harvey Wolf   1999-01  
Motti Pupkin   2001-03  
Neal Fineman   2003-05  
David Arons   2005-07 
Henry Katz  2007-08 
Paul Davidson   2008-10 
Brian Brenner  2010-12 
Ron Czik 2012-14
Noah Horowitz 2014-15
Stephen Shrago 2015-17
Harold Waisel 2017-19

Brotherhood: Programs and Activities

Keeper of the Flame

Ceremony held at Temple Israel





2019 Yellow Candle stuffing





Speaker Breakfast Series

The Brotherhood has a Sunday morning breakfast with a speaker about seven times throughout the year. The topics are on various subjects of interest.

Brotherhood Auction

This is a major fundraiser that supports many charitable organizations.
Click for more info.  

Tour de Shuls  

Supports the Tikvah program at Camp Ramah New England, a program to meet the social and religious needs of developmentally challenged Jewish adolescents. This summer Sunday bicycle tour of the region is always popular.

Mitzvah Men

Our  Brotherhood performing acts of tikkun olam action. View the gallery.

Charity Golf tournament

This is a major fundraiser that supports many charitable organizations.
Click for more info. 

Our Own F1 Racing Team 

Presenting the Winning Brotherhood Racing Team. Check 'em out! 

Jewish Routes Series - March, 2016

Jewish Routes Series - March, 2016

Jewish Routes Series 

A breakfast series for discussing various Jewish issues. The 2015-16 schedule is available here.

Hearing Men's Voices 

The National Award Winning discussion series where men discuss personal experiences. The program provides men the forum to discuss issues of family, health and spirituality in an understanding environment of friends. Click for this year's topic and more information.  

Meals on Wheels 

A Thanksgiving and Christmas tradition. Every year on Thanksgiving and Christmas, members of the Brotherhood substitute for the regular drivers of HESCO Elder Services so that the regular drivers can spend the day with their families.  We deliver noon time meals in the greater Sharon area to frail elders living at home. 


A weekend retreat full of eating, relaxation, prayer, learning, sports, camaraderie, etc. 
Read all about it

World Wide Wrap

The World Wide Wrap, an international program of FJMC that brings the global Jewish community together to learn and practice the mitzvah of tefillin. Learn more about tefillin and the World Wide Wrap

Yellow Candle Program 

The Yellow Candle program is intended to keep alive the memory of the Six Million who perished in the Shoah. Please read more... 

Budapest Connection 

The Brotherhood, working with Masorti, has adopted a nascent group of young Jews in Budapest Hungary who call themselves "Dor Hadash." We are looking for ways we can learn from each other and how we can help support this small Conservative Jewish Community.

Habitat for Humanity 

On one Sunday each year, the Brotherhood volunteers to help construct a home for a low-income family.  

Lift Your Spirits

A popular Saturday evening dinner and tasting - highly educational, of course! Photos from 2016's dinner can be found here.

Road to Remembrance

he Temple Israel Brotherhood sponsors the Road to Remembrance Trip, bringing our youth to Washington, DC for a day's guided tour of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and the WWII Memorial.

Jewish Heroes Series

A series examining Jewish heroes - both known and less known - who are, or should be, heroes to us all.

Keeper of The Flame

While "Brotherhood Man of the Year" honors a member of our local chapter, Keeper of The Flame is regional (New England Federation of Jewish Men's Clubs) and recognizes a member of each chapter.

Members Preparing for a Board Meeting

A typical example

Brotherhood Membership Application

our membership and support sustains our programming.  Our Brotherhood is one of the best in the nation and with your help, it can only get even better.

Brotherhood dues: $36.00 per year  ($10.00 per year for 18-25 years old)

First-year membership for anyone, regardless of age, is free! Click here for a 2019-2020 membership application (PDF).

Brotherhood Auction

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