Our TI families come in many combinations. Some are families with deep Jewish backgrounds on all sides of the family tree. Others include Jews by Choice in the family; while others have a parent who is not Jewish. Still others may have a son- or daughter-in-law who is not Jewish.

Wherever a family is in their Jewish journey, the Keruv Committee wants to help them feel welcome at Temple Israel, whether at a service or at one of our many programs. This year, we will continue helping our families share their stories and learn from each other. We'll also be working on some of the little things that our community can do to be more welcoming.

Our goal is simple: We want to help all families build strong Jewish homes and lives while embracing the richness that a multicultural family life brings.

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Statement: A Tent with Open Open Doors

Welcome! At Temple Israel, we are grateful for the diverse journeys that bring people to our community. At the core of our Jewish tradition, we understand ourselves to be commanded by God to love and embrace all people, no matter their background or ethnicity. Our community includes those who have been Jewish their whole lives; those who have chosen to join the Jewish people as part of their own spiritual journeys; and interfaith families. We believe that we are strengthened by the gifts that all members of our community bring, and we extend a warm welcome to those who - through their love for members of the Jewish people - are part of our family and fellow travelers in our work to make the world more filled with caring, love and responsibility. We hope that you too will find a place in our community. If you want to learn, to join in prayer, to help repair the world and to forge community together - Temple Israel welcomes you. 
If you are part of an interfaith family and are interested in learning more about what it might be like to be a member of the Temple Israel community, we invite you to contact the Keruv (outreach) committee here or by reaching out to one of our rabbis: Rabbi Ron Fish and Rabbi Rachel Silverman. We would be thrilled to learn more about you and your family and answer any questions you might have.
We also encourage all who are interested in joining our community - regardless of background - to read Rabbi Fish’s statement “A Tent with Open Doors: A statement on Temple Israel’s diverse and welcoming Jewish Community.”
Our synagogue seeks to be a holy community with a strong sense of identity and purpose, with open doors to all. We know that creating welcoming community is an ongoing journey - and we invite you to join us in that journey. Welcome.

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Rabbi Fish's full statement, A Tent with Open Doors, may be found here.