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The Mah Tovu Campaign


Commitment to thoughtfully designed and utilized spaces is a hallmark of our Jewish tradition, and our sacred work here TI. That’s why it’s with great enthusiasm that we want to share some exciting work which will be beginning soon at Temple Israel, The Mah Tovu Campaign. 

This campaign, made up of a few different projects, will help transform and reinvigorate some of our most beloved gathering spaces, and create new opportunities for Jewish living and learning. Each project represents our commitment to utilize all of our spaces to their fullest potential. We are grateful for the tireless work of the professional staff, lay leadership, donors, dreamers, and contractors, who will help bring each to fruition. This campaign would not be possible without the support of both the Executive Committee and the Board of Trustees, who unanimously supported these important projects. The Mah Tovu Campaign and its projects will begin over the summer, culminating hopefully in early fall.

Giving Opportunities

Parochet (curtain that covers the ark) 1 $5,000
Torah Covers 2 $1,800
Yads 2 $180
New Weekday Siddurim 10 $54
Chairs 40 $360
Mezuzot 7 $180
Tallitot 20 $180
Bookshelves 4 $720
Storage for tallitot/tefillin 10 $180
Talmud set etc. 1 $3,600
Kitchenette pieces (refrigerator, microwave etc) 1 $5,000
Yahrzeit Board 1 $10,000
Window Treatments 2 $3,600
Ark 1 $10,000
Readers Table 1 $10,000
Hertz Classroom 2 $5,400/each
Hertz Office 2 $5,400/each

Please speak with Rabbi Fineberg about these additional opportunities:

  • Sukkah ushpizin sponsorship level
  • Sukkah decorations
  • Sukkah sound system
  • Sukkah heaters
  • Room naming opportunities

Progress Photos

CLICK HERE to view photos of the construction progress! Please check back as we will continue to update the album.

Campaign Details

Weitzenkorn Family Chapel

With the generous gift by Jeff Weitzenkorn, we are thrilled that over the course of the summer we will be moving our chapel space upstairs to the double classroom on the southeast corner of the building. The move to a much brighter and open space will allow us to reimagine the intimacy and community that are the building blocks of our minyan. We commissioned a leading creator of Jewish spaces, Amy Reichert, to help bring our vision to fruition. The Weitzenkorn Family Chapel design Amy created is inspired by the Choshen, the breastplate of the Kohen Gadol/High Priest, which was adorned with 12 precious stones representing the 12 Tribes of Israel. Like the Choshen, our Chapel will be a multifaceted gem for our community, a space that encourages the sparkling diversity and varied means of connection that are a hallmark of our prayer experience. The new chapel will feature plenty of seating, a place for breakfast, and the ability to function as a small Beit Midrash/study hall. Please be on the lookout for different ways to contribute and make an impact on this exciting project.

Pictures of New Chapel

Taubenfeld Cohen Sukkah and the Brotherhood Pavillion

During Sukkot last year we realized our Sukkah was getting a little squishy and tired from use. In addition, there has long been a hope to create a functional outdoor space that could allow students and congregants to learn and gather even without perfect weather. As they often do, the Brotherhood swept into action to help us to reinvision the Cohen-Kriegel Sukkah and our outdoor space. With the guidance and vision of Howard Rothberg, we arrived at an innovative design that allows us to have a 3-Season pavilion that transforms into a Kosher Sukkah during Sukkot. The continued generosity of Jane Taubenfeld Cohen and David Cohen and the Brotherhood are helping transform our space to be truly multipurpose. We can’t wait to welcome even more people into the Sukkah than ever, and to enjoy outdoor activities for months to come.

Proposed Sukkah



Tentative Timeline

  • Berger Hall Painting July 5-7th potentially through 11th

  • New Chapel construction and Sukkah to begin July 5th

  • Library/Old Chapel clean out—July-August

  • Asbestos Remediation (If necessary) - Hertz vacation week in August 

  • Hertz Class and Office Space (library and old Chapel) will begin after the High Holidays (Mid October)

Mah Tovu Campaign Donation including Weitzenkorn Chapel and Taubenfeld Cohen Sukkah

At the end of the campaign, we may list the names of those that donated.  Please let us know how you would like to be listed.  
The Mah Tovu Campaign will fund all of the construction!
But we know that some people may wish to direct part of their donation directly to the Weitzenkorn Chapel or the Taubenfeld Cohen Sukkah.


Mon, October 2 2023 17 Tishrei 5784