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Israel Engagement


The TI Israel Engagement Committee is made up of a diverse group of Temple Israel congregants, brought together by a desire to engage with Israel, in all its beauty, complexity, and significance as a vibrant center of Jewish life. Our goal is to create an open forum that will allow space for the broadest range of beliefs, emotions, ideas, visions of the land, people, and state of Israel. We will have set guidelines for our discourse within Temple Israel in order to make sure that all members can express their opinions thoughtfully and be listened to respectfully. We will also seek out ways to celebrate and express joy around our commonalities.

While an underlying premise of our programming will be support for a democratic, safe and secure Israel, the Jewish State, for all of its inhabitants, we recognize that our members may hold different views about what safety and security means and how we as US Jews can support the achievement of that vision.

Please note that “Israel” here means the state, the people, the land, the history, the politics, the culture, the religion, etc. of Israel. Through its programs and activities, the committee will provide opportunities that are…

Educational: Educate TI members about Israel, past, present and future
Experiential:  Experience aspects of Israel’s diverse life and culture
Engaging: Engage TI members in thoughtful conversation around challenging topics
Encouraging: Encourage TI members to shape their own meaningful connection to Israel


Current/Upcoming Events

Israel Pre and Post October 7: Shared Values and Shared Challenges
Sunday, March 17 at 10am
Details & Registration here

External Programs

Coming soon!

Contact Us

Questions, Comments or Feedback? Please email us at

We are forming a TI Sharon Israel Engagement Facebook group to provide interactive communication between participants.

Committee Members

Janet Aronson - Co-chair and Founding Member
Maureen Mintz - Co-chair and Founding Member
David Arons - Founding Member
Steve Ugent - Founding Member

Neil Fineman
Sue Gelfman
Stuart Gold
Andy Klassman
Ellen Rothberg
Ken Sperber
Stacy Wolfson Newman




Tue, June 25 2024 19 Sivan 5784