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Covid-19 Response

Updated COVID-19 Guidelines 

Starting with this weekend's Rabbinic Candidate visit, we will be requiring that anyone entering the building have their vaccination card with them or, as we did for the High Holidays, have uploaded their card to the office through ShulCloud. (Instructions to upload your vaccination card are below.)

We are optimistic that with more community members of all ages being vaccinated and everyone getting their boosters, we can look ahead to a time when we are back in the building with fewer restrictions.  

Changes ahead of this weekend (January 14th-16th)

Proof of Vaccination 

  • We require that anyone entering the building have their vaccination card on them or already uploaded a copy of the card to ShulCloud.  Please do not bring your vaccination card on a cell phone or other electronic device during Shabbat.
  • Use THIS LINK to upload your card into ShulCloud. You have the ability to upload multiple vaccination cards (for you and your family).
    • Please upload your information by no later than 1 p.m. this Friday if you wish to attend programs this weekend.
    • If you cannot find your vaccination card, you can access the following website to obtain a copy instantaneously:
  • This requirement will remain in place until further notice. While current projections are that Omicron will peak in the next 10-20 days, coming off the high point does not equal an “all clear”. It is likely that this requirement will remain in place through much of February and will be subject to modification based on positivity rates and other relevant data.  As a result, you will need to provide proof of vaccination for regular Shabbat services.
  • Greeters will be welcoming you into the building at different events throughout the weekend. They will have the authority to deny entry to someone who has not uploaded their vaccination card with the office or does not bring their card(s) with them to the building.

As a reminder, the following are Temple Israel’s COVID protocols and requirements.

  • Only fully vaccinated people two weeks past their booster (if eligible) are allowed to enter the building. 
    • Primary ​​​​​​vaccination is available and required for anyone ages 5 and above
    • For children ages 5-11, we will require full vaccination (you have received all required shots per the vaccine manufacturer and are 14 days past when the last shot was administered) by March 1, 2022. This means the 2nd dose in the primary vaccine series needs to be administered by February 15, 2022.          
    • Children 5 and older may enter the building only if they have been vaccinated (with children age 5 being vaccinated within 90 days of their turning 5
  • If you are looking to vaccinate your children, please note that The Sharon Health Department will be offering two “all ages COVID 19 vaccine clinics” on Tuesday, January 18 from 3-6 pm and Thursday, January 20 from 4-7 pm in the ballroom at the Sharon Community Center.

Booster Information

You are eligible for a booster shot if:

  • For Pfizer: you are age 12 and above and are at least 5 months after completing your primary COVID-19 vaccine series 
  • ​​​​​​​For Moderna: you are age 18 and above and are at least 5 months after completing your primary COVID-19 vaccine series
  • For J&J: you are age 18 and above and are at least 2 months after completing your primary COVID-19 vaccine series 


  • Per the Town of Sharon, masks continue to be required for anyone (age  2 or older) while in the building. Additionally, we are requiring that you use hospital-grade masks (available at the front door), as cloth masks do not provide enough protection. You will be asked to change your mask or place a hospital-grade mask over your cloth mask when you enter the building.   N-95, K-N95 and KN-94 masks all meet these requirements.

Shabbat Services & Daily Minyan

With the added booster and high-quality mask requirement, our services remain of modest risk. That said, we have a few strategic changes to lower the risk even further. Gabbaim will now stand off the bimah; masks will stay on, even if the speaker/prayer leader is the only person on the bimah; we will limit the number of people on the bimah, and we will limit the number of honors that are distributed.   This is in addition to the requirement that everyone has either submitted their vaccination cards to the synagogue or bring their cards with them.   We will continue to have daily minyan in the Sanctuary and accessible by Zoom.
For Shabbat for both weekends, we have a wonderful dairy kiddush for people attending services in person to take home to enjoy. Zoom has yet to add a feature to deliver a meal virtually so for those on Zoom, you are on your own.  Sorry!
Finally, kudos to our incredibly hard-working Search Committee.  These 16 congregants have gone above and beyond the call of duty with countless meetings and preparatory work over the last 16 months. We are told that we did far better than other shuls in the numbers of resumes we received from interested candidates in what has again been a trying year to recruit a new Senior Rabbi.  It has not been easy and a special shout out to Ellen Kischel and Adina Newman for their amazing work as Co-Chairs of the Search Committee. 
Thanks for your attention and wishing you and your family all the best and good health,
Medical Advisory Committee (MAC)                          Neil Aronson, President
Mark Popovsky, M.D., Chair                                                  
Allie Hershey, RN
Rafi Kieval, M.D.
Ken Sperber, M.D.

Wed, January 19 2022 17 Shevat 5782