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Covid-19 Response

Updated COVID-19 Guidelines 

Update from the Medical Advisory Committee:
In light of the recent, marked increase in COVID cases nationally, including Massachusetts, the MAC is making several recommendations which are in the interest of individual congregants and the community at large. The current dominant strain of COVID is highly contagious but is causing predominantly mild disease. That said, hospitalizations have gone up as well, mostly for high-risk individuals. With larger numbers of people spending time together for the upcoming holidays, we recommend the following:

Vaccination with the newest booster when it becomes available, and you are eligible.
If you are at higher risk (e.g., 60 years of age or older, immune deficient, respiratory problems), please consider wearing a high-quality mask when inside the synagogue.
If you are COVID positive or have symptoms consistent with COVID, please do not come to the synagogue and follow CDC guidelines as to when it is safe to be inside the synagogue.

Medical Advisory Committee (MAC)                              Neil Aronson, President
Mark Popovsky, M.D., Chair                                          Karen Nahary, Executive Director           
Allie Hershey, NP, APRN
Rafi Kieval, M.D.
Ken Sperber, M.D.

Mon, April 22 2024 14 Nisan 5784