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Hertz Nursery School at TI

It All Starts Here!

Hertz Nursery School was founded in 1984 by a group of parents who wanted to see their shul have a Jewish preschool. The school was endowed by the Levine family in memory of Edith's parents, Erna and Julius Hertz. Since the first class in 1985, Hertz has grown to welcome many second-generation students, epitomizing excellence in Jewish preschool education, seamlessly fused with child-centered play and "Kehillah" community. 

Over the years parents have returned to tell us wonderful stories about the memories and friendships forged during their children's preschool years. Recently, in a former students wedding program Hertz was mentioned as one reason why someone was in their wedding party. Hertz has introduced Friday night Challah to many families. One introduction led to a former parent becoming a Rabbi. While we never know where our Jewish family journey's will take us the Hertz "Kehillah" community always asks where have you been, what can we do for you now and how can we help you go forward. It is this warm loving environment that has sustained us for so many years.

We invite you to join our Kehillah during your Jewish journey and experience all that preschool has to offer for your child and your family.

I look forward to meeting with you and welcoming you to Hertz.

Feel free to call me at 781-784-4050 or email me and feel free to visit our photo gallery at They say a picture is worth a thousand words!

Remember, It All Starts Here!
Leisa Glass, Director of Early Childhood Education

About Hertz Nursery School


The Erna and Julius Hertz Nursery School offers a unique multifaceted pre-school program for children ages 2.9 through age 5.

Affiliated with Temple Israel of Sharon, the program offers varied experiences, equipment, and curriculum to encourage the child's social, emotional, physical, and cognitive growth.

Hertz Nursery School was one of the first schools to be awarded Magen HaGan Early Childhood Judaic Accreditation by the Greater Boston Bureau of Jewish Education. In May 2005, Hertz received re-accreditation of the Magen HaGan.

Hertz's curriculum provides a seamless integration of the secular and Judaic environment. Children explore and are exposed to a theme-oriented program that compliment areas of Jewish living and learning. This includes holiday celebrations, integrated family programs, introduction of Israel and Hebrew and"Taam Shel Shabbat-A Taste of Shabbat" family experiences. 

  • Hertz also offers a Transitional Kindergarten, and Summer programs.
  • Licensed by the Department of Early Education and Childcare (DEEC)
  • Certified Early Childhood Educators
  • Small student teacher ratio
  • Age-appropriate class setting and equipment
  • Exciting outside play space, nature environs and outdoor classroom space.
  • Music and Creative Movement
  • Parent-oriented seminars and workshops
  • Science center


Hertz is currently accepting applications
for all 2019-2020 programs!


Click here to download a registration form,
scroll down to use the online form,

or contact the Director, Leisa Glass, at 781-784-4050
to request a tour and more information.

"Remember, It all Starts Here!"

Three year old: Teddy Bear Class is available 2,3,4 or 5 days. Our Teddy Bear program encourages the social and emotional growth of the child. The child is introduced to basic program concepts but the main focus and facilitation will be social and emotional development. Must turn three by December 31, 2019.

Four Year old: Busy Bee Class is available 3, 4 or 5 days. Our Busy Bee program follows a curriculum that will foster development in preparation for Kindergarten experiences in addition to continue to foster the social and emotional development of the child.

Five year old: Transitional Kindergarten: Dinosaur Class is available five mornings and Wednesday afternoons. This curriculum responds to the needs of the child who may not be developmentally or chronologically ready for kindergarten. Children will be exposed to reading and math readiness. The class will work as a team to help strengthen self confidence. The Dinosaur class offers additional afternoon programs combined with the preschool enrichment.

Click here for a Hertz Nursery School registration form or fill out the form online, below.

Hertz creates environments that "Invite Play"! 

Read our handout "Benefits of Art & Play!"

Enrichment Programs

Everyone is invited to participate! Sign up for the entire year or join us as needed (and space available). 

Afternoon enrichments enhance your child's morning preschool experience. The worlds of science, math, music, art, and literature are explored in greater depth with hands on curriculum. Themes will be announced and will last approximately 6-8 weeks each.

Afternoon schedule includes:

  • Quiet play after lunch, the "enrichment," outdoor/indoor free play.


  • Monday-Thursday, 1-3pm

  • Friday, 1-2:30pm

  • Ask us for more information about later extended care hours

Join us any day your child does not attend in the morning at 1:15 for some extra time!

Picking a Jewish Early Childhood Program

The Alliance for Jewish Early Childhood Education Offers Guide to Choosing a Jewish Early Childhood Program

A Parents Guide for Choosing a Jewish Early Childhood Education is now available. The Guide was developed by The Alliance for Jewish Early Childhood Education. a national organization representing Jewish agencies and institutions crossing all denominations and dedicated to enhancing the quality of early childhood Jewish education, as well as assisting families with very young children to become engaged in the Jewish community.

The years prior to kindergarten are among the most critical in influencing children's learning and identity. High quality early childhood experiences set the stage for children's optimal cognitive, social and ethical learning. Parents have many issues to weigh when choosing an early childhood program for their child. "I picked a Jewish school because I immediately got the impression that the entire faculty cared about my child. They were not only concerned with his time in their program, but also cared about who he would be when he grew up. The seeds of reading can be planted in many fields; the seeds of menschlichkeit take better root in one's own family backyard." – Ava W., Washington DC.

The Alliance early childhood brochure encourages Jewish parents to choose quality Jewish early childhood programs for their children, leading to families' increased and continuing involvement with the greater Jewish community. The brochure suggests ten questions to ask when interviewing a prospective program, as well as a list of important elements to look for in a Jewish early childhood educational setting. Also addressed are topics such as values, tradition and identity formation.

"It is very impressive that educators from a variety of Jewish denominations and educational organizations collaborated to develop a single document appropriate for all Jewish families, wherever they fall in the spectrum of Jewish life," commented Ilene Vogelstein, Executive Administrator for the Alliance. "We are delighted to offer this service to the entire community."

You can find the guide online at

Please visit us to discuss choosing a Jewish Preschool to start your family's journey!

Thu, October 22 2020 4 Cheshvan 5781