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Generation by generation, each person must see himself as if he himself had come out of Egypt, as it is said: “This is because of what the Lord did for me when I came out of Egypt.” (Mishna Pesachim 10:5)

This guide to the holiday of Passover invites us into a meaningful experience of placing ourselves back in Egypt, as we prepare for, and experience, our redemption. 

For more information, please take a look at the Rabbinical Assembly’s Guide to Passover (link to come). 

Ahead of the Festival

Preparation for Pesach: Getting Rid of hametz

We prepare for Pesach by eliminating hametz from our homes, cars, offices, and anywhere we might spend time over the holiday.  We render our surroundings completely hametz-free, sealing off and selling any items that remain in our dwellings.  You may sell your hametz online here until Thursday, April 14th at noon.

Bedikat hametz (Searching for hametz) Thursday evening, April 14th. 
After cleaning out and selling our hametz , we do bedikat hametz (the ritual search for small pieces of leavened food) at home at nightfall.  Place 10 pieces of hametz around a room.  Search for and collect them using a candle, a wooden spoon, and a feather.  Before beginning the search, recite the blessing al biyur hametz. After the search is completed – with the sack of hametz  carefully set aside for burning in the morning – recite a declaration nullifying any remaining traces of hametz of which we may not be aware.  You can find these blessings and declarations at the beginning of many Haggadot or downloadable here

Fast of the Firstborn and Siyyum Friday morning, April 15th

Shacharit services, Sanctuary & on Zoom, 6:45 am.

Siyyum, Sanctuary & on Zoom, 7:30 am.
Those who are firstborn in their families fast the day before Pesach to acknowledge the suffering of the firstborn in Egypt.  If you would rather not fast, you may exempt yourself from fasting by participating in a meal following a siyyum (the completion of a significant piece of Jewish learning), which will be led by Steve Ugent from 7:30 am to 8:00 am. He will have completed learning Masechet Beitzah and will teach us some of what he has studied. 

Biyur hametz (Burning hametz) Friday, April 15th
Biyur hametz kitchen loading dock, 8:25 am.
The biyur hametz must be completed by 10:42 am.

Leyl Pesach, Friday, April 15

Mincha/Ma’ariv services have been canceled for this evening.
Light Shabbat/festival candles at home with two blessings (ner shel Shabbat v’yom tov and Sheheheyanu) no later than 7:07 pm. Seder follows. It is customary to light a long-burning or yartzeit candle as well (without a blessing) so fire will be available to transfer for lighting candles on Saturday evening (8:16 pm).

Pesach Day 1, Saturday, April 16

  • Shabbat and Festival Shacharit services, Sanctuary, 9:30am - PLEASE NOTE THE LATER START TIME
    Tal (Prayer for Dew): During Musaf services, the leader will don a kittel and chant tal.  We begin to include the prayer for dew in our daily tefillot, leaving aside our prayers for winter rain.

  • Mincha will take place at 1:18 pm in the sanctuary & on Zoom

Second Night of Pesach, Saturday, April 16

  • Light festival candles (from an existing flame) at home with two blessings (ner shel yom tov and Shehecheyanu), 8:16 pm.  

  • Temple Israel is NOT holding ma’ariv services this evening. If you are looking for a minyan, please let Rabbi Silverman know so she can help you find one. 

  • Havdallah for Shabbat is celebrated as part of Kiddush at the Seder   

  • Be sure to include sefirat ha-omer, counting the omer, which appears in the Haggadah. The counting of the omer should be done after dark, at least 20 minutes following sunset. 

Looking for ways to start your Seder earlier than 8:16pm but still be within the Halachic framework? Start your Seder with games, stories, and questions before lighting candles at 8:16pm. 

Pesach Day 2, Sunday, April 17

  • Festival Shacharit services, Sanctuary, 9 am.

  • Mincha,  Sanctuary & on Zoom, 7:20 pm followed by Ma’ariv (8:11pm) and an abridged Havdallah to conclude the festival and enter Hol haMoed, 8:11pm. Count the omer.

Hol HaMoed Pesach (Intermediate Days of the Festival)
Monday - Thursday, April 18-21

  • Monday-Thursday Shacharit services, Sanctuary & on Zoom, 6:45 am. 

  • Monday-Wednesday Ma’ariv services, Sanctuary & on Zoom, 7:15 pm.  

  • Count the omer during the minyan or at home after dark.

Seventh Day of Pesach, Thursday - Friday, April 21-22

It is customary to arrange an Eruv Tavshillin consisting of a set-aside roasted egg and piece of matzah, setting in motion the food preparation on the Festival for the following day of Shabbat. 

  • Light festival candles at home with the single blessing (ner shel yom tov) no later than 7:14pm on Thursday, April 21. (No Shehecheyanu.)

  • Weekday mincha/Yom Tov Ma’ariv services, Sanctuary & on Zoom at  7:10 pm.  Count the omer after dark (no earlier than 8:24 pm).

  • Festival Shacharit services, Sanctuary & on Zoom, Friday, April 22 at 9 am.  

Eighth Day of Pesach, Friday - Saturday, April 23

  • Light Shabbat/festival candles (from an existing flame) at home with the single blessing (ner shel Shabbat v’yom tov), no later than 7:15 pm.  

  • Sanctuary & on Zoom at 7:10 pm (mincha), followed by (ma’ariv).  We will read a portion of the Biblical Scroll Shir HaShirim before ma’ariv services.

  • Shabbat and Festival Shacharit services, Sanctuary, 9 am.  We will chant the remainder of the Song of Songs (the biblical scroll customarily chanted on Pesach).

Other approximate times:

9:45am, Hallel 
10:05am, Torah service
11 am, Yizkor

  • Mincha, Sanctuary & on Zoom, 7:15 pm, with ma’ariv/havdallah at 8:24pm. Please remember to count the omer.

Rabbi Silverman will purchase back the hametz she sold on your behalf by 8:30 pm, after which we may resume eating hametz.


Temple Israel wishes you and your family a sweet, healthy, and joyous Pesach 5782.

Sale of Hametz

You may sell your hametz online here until Thursday, April 14th at noon.

Sun, May 22 2022 21 Iyyar 5782