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Rabbinical Assembly Pesach Guide 5781

Rabbinical Assembly: When Passover Begins on a Saturday Night

Hadar’s Passover Reader
Looking for some reading over the Passover holiday? Hadar’s Passover reader, titled “Tzafun, Hidden in the Haggadah” is here and it looks excellent! Please be in touch with Rabbi Silverman to get your free copy. 

Rabbi Silverman's Haggadah supplement for

Youth Selection

PJ Library Interactive Family Haggadah

Sing a long: Dayenu, Mah Nishtana, Chad Gadya, Who Knows 1?

Shaboom! the Passover story for kids

Passover Services & Times

All Zoom services on our regular Zoom link

  • Thursday 3/25: Minyan/Fast of the First Born 7:15AM; Siyum of the First Born with the Rabbinical Assembly (8:00AM); Search for Hametz after dark: after 7:44PM.
  • Friday, 3/26: Minyan 7:30AM; Burn/dispose of hametz: before 11:48 AM- no declaration.  Set aside 2 challah rolls to be used Friday night for Shabbat dinner. Otherwise, the laws of Passover begin now. However- no true matzah should be eaten prior to Passover.
    Shabbat HaGadol: Light 50-hour candle before Shabbat candles, 6:45 PM. Kabbalat Shabbat service at 6:15 PM. 
    (The rolls that were set aside for Shabbat should be eaten after kiddush on a separate disposable plate. Be very careful not to allow any of the Hametz to come in contact with the kosher for Passover dishes. No crumbs should be left anywhere in the home. Discard the disposable plate in garbage receptacle outside.)
  • Saturday, 3/27: Shabbat services 9AM. 
    Shabbat lunch (A pair of challah rolls could be used on Saturday for lunch as they were with dinner. However, no chametz can be eaten after 10:42 AM. Given that this is very unlikely in coordination with shabbat services, I follow the proposal below.) Many families will use Matzah Ashira, egg Matzah, for Shabbat lunch. This quasi- matzah is permitted before Passover. (In fact, it should not be used at the Seder to fulfill the mitzvah of eating matzah at all.) at the same time it is acceptable for lunch as a base of the meal.  A declaration nullifying all remaining chametz should be made before 11:45 AM.
    Passover begins after dark. Candles are lit from a pre-existing flame after 7:50PM. Kiddush for the first seder includes a modified version of Havdallah for Shabbat as well using the the YomTov candles. First Seder at home; Ma'ariv at home.
  • Sunday, 3/28: Passover services 9AM; Second Seder at home, Ma'ariv at home. Candles are lit after 7:51PM from a pre-existing flame. Count the first night of the Omer.
  • Monday, 3/29: Passover Services 9AM; Ma'ariv on zoom at 7:55PM. Yom Tov ends at 7:53PM. Continue counting the Omer after dark.  
  • Tuesday-Friday, 3/30-4/2: Chol HaMo'ed
  • Friday, 4/2: Shabbat/Evening Services 6:15PM. Light 25 hour candle before Shabbat/Yom Tov candles at 6:53 PM.
  • Saturday, 4/3: Shabbat/Passover Services 9AM. Maariv at 7:50 PM on Zoom. Light Yom Tov candles from pre-existing flame after 7:58 PM. 
  • Sunday, 4/4: Passover Services 9AM, Yizkor recited; Ma'ariv 8PM on Zoom; End of chag 7:58PM.

Sale of Hametz

Those wishing to sell their Hametz should please return the PDF form to OR complete the form electronically HERE. The hard deadline was Tuesday, March 23rd at 12PM.

Donations to the Rabbi's Discretionary Fund of $18 or more, to support the food insecure in our community, are traditional and encouraged.

Thu, December 2 2021 28 Kislev 5782